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Some Facts About RJ & ENLC

is the year I first became an Expat, I was 1 1/2 years young and we moved to Germany. The list of moves has grown over the years.
is the number of countries I have Lived, Studied and Traveled to so far and I hope to see more of this wonderful world.
is when I became a Digital (Expat) Nomad. Back then there was little known about Digital Nomads. Now I help other (Digital) Nomads realize their dreams.
is the year I started helping Expats through Expatriate Counseling. As of 2017 I changed the name to Expat Nomad Life Coaching.

Expat Nomad Life Coaching News and Articles

confessions of a counselor blog rj nuis expat nomad life coaching


Confessions from a counselor. These are my own stories and in no way related to my clients. My previous and existing clients know that I sometimes share personal stories in […]

RJ Nuis being married divorced blog post expat nomad life coaching

Being Married Being Divorced

Being Married Being Divorced I am glad I got married to the girl I did. It was my first marriage and although none of my family could attend our wedding […]

alcohol confession blog expat nomad life coaching rj nuis


Alcohol I don’t really remember my first taste of alcohol because my parents, I should say my mom, raised me well and having it just be part of life. She […]

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My Expertise

As Your Expat Nomad Life Coach I bring more than 30 years of expat, nomadic life experience and study from living around the world, so I am well-trained in the coaching and counseling field. My credentials and areas where I have practiced include: 1. NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Marin, California, U.S.A. 2. NLP Master Practitioner, BGL, Hoofddorp, Netherlands 3. NLP and Spirituality, Arcturus, studied under Eric Schneider, Kessel, Belgium 4. Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Training Institute, California, U.S.A. 5. Meditation and Hatha Yoga, Rishikesh India 6. Yoga and Meditation, Bangkok Thailand and Zandvoort, the Netherlands 7. Massage Therapist, Haarlem, the Netherlands In addition, I am fluent in both Dutch and English, and have language skills in German and learning Thai.
Master NLP Practitioner:
Holistic Coach:
Solution Focused Coach:
Health & Wellness Coach:
Mindfulness Trainer:

A message from RJ

As a Master NLP practitioner helping Expats and Nomads since 2003 you benefit from my own unique working style which can best be described as a holistic methodology combined with solution focused and mindfulness coaching to help you in the most advanced and innovative approach to deal with your issues in a safe, efficient and proven manner.
Robbert Nuis