A Typical Day For Robbert

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My usual days are not typical 9-5 day as this is exactly how I want it to be. First of all I don’t have to rush to the office in the morning and can work in the comforts of my home or on the beach.

Having this flexibility in life has become essential to me and I could not imagine having my daily routines be dictated by externals anymore.

A balanced and healthy life is equally important to me. Therefore I eat healthy foods, do daily exercises, don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol – I do my best to live a balanced life and keep myself happy.

Finding the perfect balance in life takes a conscious effort at first but will become second nature after a while.


RJ Nuis Expat Nomad Life Coaching a typical dayDaily Routines

I generally get up around 8:00 and open the curtains and doors to welcome another sunny day in Hua Hin, Thailand.

I always start my days with some light exercise to wake me up – either I do some stretching and a short meditation or go to the pool and swim for 30 minutes. Afterwards I start preparing a healthy breakfast, which energizes me for the day ahead.

Before eating something, I have a glass of water with 3 cloves of garlic and a big piece of ginger. Health benefits Garlic and health benefits Ginger.Cicken salad Expat Nomad Life Coaching RJ Nuis A typical day

For breakfast I usually have a salad with all kinds of vegetables, some chicken or scrambled eggs and a big bowl of mixed fruits. I enjoy cooking at home but sometimes I also go out to a nice café for breakfast to change the scenery.

Since I’m living a very active lifestyle I also have a protein powder shake every morning in order to give my body back what it burns.


RJ Nuis Expat Nomad Life Coaching a typical dayA typical untypical workday

After breakfast, which is around 09:30, I either go to school to learn Thai or start to get ready by turning on my computer and phone. During the night my phone is on airplane mode to assure I have an undisturbed sleep and full rest.

My work day usually starts with checking my emails and website before I start writing new articles for my blog as well as reading through other people’s blogs out of the industry to keep on learning and stay up to date.

If I don’t have a client appointment, I try to use the morning hours for content creation because that is the time of the day where I have the best creative flow.

a typical day rj nuis jp expat nomad life coaching

Being able to adapt my activities in alignment with the best performance times of my body and brain is another huge

advantage of an unconventional lifestyle and much more efficient than being forced to work from 9-5.

It’s proven that everybody has its own high performance times – some might have them before 9 am and other only after 5 pm. I’m grateful that I am able to listen and react to the needs and wants of my body and mind.

For lunch I usually go out to a local restaurant because it is simple, cheap and aroi mak (delicious in Thai). Most of the times my lunch consists out of fresh vegetables and lean protein sources like chicken or a spicy Thai noodle soup.

After lunch I meet up with my clients, go to Thai class again or keep on working for my website and blog.


RJ Nuis yoga 3 ao manao expat nomad life coaching a typical dayFitness Routine

In the afternoon I can slowly feel how my brain starts to slow down and my body wants to move. Therefore I use this time of the day for grocery shopping and exercising.

After having another protein shake I ride my bicycle to the local market which is a great warm up, buy some fresh fruits and vegetables and then either do a workout at home or go to the beach for a walk and swim.

My workouts are a combination of yoga and weight exercises with stretching and meditation and take about 2 hours RJ Nuis hand stand ao manao expat nomad life coaching a typical dayof my time. Taking care of my body by making time for exercising is one of my top priorities.

In the past I would put work and other responsibilities over working out until I understood that I don’t perform well, if my body isn’t healthy.

We can only help other people when our body and mind is healthy and fully charged. Therefore I find it essential to live a healthy lifestyle made out of exercising, enough sleep and healthy food.

When I’m finished with my workout routine it is almost Dinner time. I take a refreshing shower, do some work RJ Nuis yoga ao manao expat nomad life coaching a typical dayaround the house and garden and start preparing dinner.

I like to keep my dinner small and light like a fruit or vegetable salad. Recently I also have re-discovered the health benefits of bananas and like to just have a banana smoothie for dinner.

I simply blend 6-8 bananas with some protein powder and a little jam – It is fast, easy, super healthy and keeps me full until breakfast.


RJ Nuis expat nomad life coaching a typical dayRecharging and Avoiding Negativity

If I don’t have any urgent things to do for work I try to not touch the computer after dinner anymore in order to relax and review the day.

Either I go out and meet up with some friends or I spent the evening at home with a good book or an interesting documentary

Avoiding negative people, places and situations is very important to me in order to stay away from unnecessary stress, fear and anxiety.

Watching the news, violent movies or playing violent video games do not benefit a peaceful and lovable lifestyle. I try to surround myself with happy and like-minded people as well as use inspiring media to ensure a positive mindset.

Usually I go to bed around 22:00 in order to give my body enough time to fully recharge for the next day.

My philosophy is that you cannot pull out of an empty cup – To help my clients make their life better, I see it as my responsibility to make sure I have all the energy needed for that.

This is how a typical untypical day in my life looks like – I feel overall much happier, healthier and I enjoy life more than I used to 20 years before.

To find and build up my perfect lifestyle was not always an easy road but if I can do it so can you and I can help you with that.

Let’s make your life better!

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