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Bangkok Prison Visit

Bangkok Prison Visit.

Bangkwang Central Prison or Bangkok Hilton as they call it is the maximum security prison in Nonthaburi, a suburb of Bangkok Thailand.

Having somebody you know in jail is never a pleasant situation and being far away makes it even more difficult. Whether it is your partner, family member or friend that is locked up abroad in a faraway country makes these situations even harder.

Flying half way across the planet for a 1 hour or sometimes even 30 minutes visit can be quite taxing physically, emotionally and financially. Bangkok Prison Visit makes it possible to support your family member or friend from a distance.

Prison Visits since 2009

I have been visiting people in jail since 2009 and one of the things inmates want most is some normal human contact. Somebody to have a normal conversation with, somebody they can be open with and it won’t matter at all.

I don’t judge people! No matter what they have done, it is not my job to judge people in jail.

Humans deserve to be treated like humans. That is what I do, for you, the family and friends who know somebody in jail in Thailand, visit them on your behalf.

I don’t have to know what people are in jail for, that’s not my business, unless somebody wants to share that with me. My purpose is to provide normal human contact without any judgement what so ever.


Prison Transfer Treaty

During my visits I provide counseling to help them deal with their daily predicaments associated with being locked up abroad. Some inmates return home after some time because their country of birth has a prisoner transfer treaty with the sentencing country.

This means that the prisoner can be transferred back to their own country. They can then serve the remaining sentence back home to be close to family and friends. However, not all countries have such treaties.

In some cases, while the person is on trial, waiting for their sentence, they cannot be transferred yet. This process can sometimes take years and years.

After the person has received their sentence they can take the next step. They can apply for a transfer back home which can take up to another year or so. It is not uncommon for people to remain behind bars for years awaiting transfer back home.


Uncertainty while waiting

If waiting for an uncertain future isn’t hard enough, waiting without any family or friends can be quite strenuous.

If you know somebody in jail in Thailand and you would like me to visit them on your behalf, please contact me today so we can discuss the possibilities.

Or read the FAQ regarding Bangkok Prison Visit.

I am here to help in any way I can


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