Career Coaching

Career coaching by Robbert NuisDo You Need Career Coaching?

Are you unhappy with your current job situation?

Do you dream about working remotely and be able to travel the world but don’t know how?

Or do you have that amazing business idea in your head but are afraid of jumping into the startup jungle?

Don’t worry, your doubts and fears are normal and can be resolved easily with professional career coaching.

We are all creatures of habit who often get comfortable in situations, no matter how much we dislike them. This is because of fear of the unknown or uncertainty about what we want out of our career.


Why should you work with a Career Coach?

Fears of change often let us stay in an unfulfilling job or career that makes us miserable. We spent most of our time at work and if we don’t enjoy what we do or see any other value than the monthly paycheck, we sooner or later will become depressed.

Besides that an unfulfilling career can affect all aspects of your life and harm the relationships with your family, friends and partner because it is impossible to leave all your sorrows and feelings at work.

Career Coaching helps you to find out what you truly want, overcome your fears and support you to build up a fulfilling career in perfect alignment to your personality.

Never settle for less than what makes you 100% happy!


How does Career Coaching work?

By being honest with yourself and examining your life you can find the answers which will put you on the right path to true happiness and a fulfilling career.

First we will find out what you truly want by carefully analyzing your likes, dislikes, desires and dreams. Then we will find out what is holding you back from your desired career – fears, responsibilities or other obstacles.

Once we have a clear picture of your current life situation, we will create an action plan which will guide you to a fulfilling career and happier life.

You deserve to be happy!


Do you need Career Coaching?

Check in with yourself and answer the following questions honestly. Listen to your heart, find out where you stand and where you want to go in your life. Acknowledging your goals, dreams, and feelings will help you make a decision.


What obstacles are in your way to achieving your dreams?

Do you have financial or family responsibilities which you cannot hand over to anybody else?

Do you feel guilty and/or frustration with your current situation?

Do you fear insecurity?

Do you lack the confidence to do what you truly want?

Is there pressure or concern from your partner or family?


The journey to a truly fulfilling career and a happy life can be very tough but I am here for you – let me help you to live your dreams with my professional career coaching program.

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