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Marijuana: The oldest natural medicine known to humans.

I think I was 16 when I smoked my first marijuana joint. Being in High school in California I guess it was hard to get around it.

It was nice and we had a great time skipping class, going to a friend’s house with a pool, go swimming, have a few beers and smoke some marijuana! Good times! Of course make a snack run to Safeway having the munchies.

In high school I didn’t smoke a lot of weed yet, just occasionally on the weekends but certainly not every weekend. A friend and I used to sit in his car and we’d smoke until the car was all filled with smoke and start to whistle cartoon tunes. Excellent memories. 🙂

Number of people who have died from marijuana

The college years

It wasn’t until I was in college that I started to smoke a lot more marijuana and drink more alcohol. Mostly on the weekends because the college I was attending was very strict about attendance and behavior.

During the weekends it was all out smoking joints. At some point we discovered gravity bong hits with empty plastic 1 gallon milk bottles.

This is where I may have passed out a few times before continuing. This is also when I had separate evenings for either drinking alcohol or smoking weed.

I rarely combined them as I felt it didn’t really give me a greater effect mixing them. For me it is also two totally different substances for different moods and occasions.

I smoked a lot of marijuana during this time but I kept me grades up because I didn’t do it during the week. I am now amazed about how quickly the body recovered back then from those days/nights.

Although I probably on occasion abused it in the early years I can also honestly say that I learned a lot about life, myself and my surroundings while being stoned.

I don’t want to advice people to smoke weed, that’s up to the individual but I would say that marijuana, in my experience, is a far less evil and addictive drug than say alcohol or tobacco.

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Since I started my counseling practice 14 years ago I have only smoked maybe a few times, not feeling the urge to do it more. Since living in Thailand this time around, I haven’t touched it for two reasons.

For one being Thailand is very strict regarding drugs. Secondly, since moving here about 3 years ago I have been really working on improving my physical and mental health, see a typical day of RJ.

Anyway, so much about marijuana today, join me next time for more confessions!

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