expat nomad life marriage relationship coachingMarriage / Relationship Coaching

Do you feel neglected or even abandoned by your partner because he or she does not openly talk about thoughts and feelings?  Do you wish to be more involved in your partner’s life? It is not about controlling each other but about sharing your individual insides in order to create an honest, authentic and stable relationship.” Marriage and Relationship Coaching helps you and your partner to open up to each other and build an irreplaceable bond.

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Career Coachingexpat nomad life career coaching

Do you feel stuck in your current career? Do you feel unfulfilled with your job but don’t know how to change your situation? It is almost impossible to leave your unhappiness at work and don’t bring it home to your family and friends –you are one and the same person after all. If you are unhappy with your professional life you will sooner or later be unhappy  in your private life as well which can harm your relationships. Don’t let an unfulfilling job downgrade your life and get clarity with career coaching.

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Life Coachingexpat nomad life coaching

Do you sometimes not understand your own behavior or why you repeat the same mistakes all over again? Even as an adult we still carry old behavior patterns from our childhood with us which affect our present life. Life coaching helps you to break these patterns and form new habits to live a happy and healthy life.

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