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Terms & Conditions for RJ Nuis Expat Nomad Life CoachingTerms & conditions for Robbert Nuis

I chose to work as a life coach in helping people find their true self. I truly enjoy learning about people and helping them discover the best version of themselves.

The process to self-discovery and awareness is not always easy. A your Expat Nomad Life Coach I will use my education, knowledge and experience to help you re-connect with your dreams and goals.


Expat Nomad Life Coaching Services

While I provide you the guidance, tools and techniques you must do the work to use them in your life to make the positive changes you seek. Without doing the exercises, writings and other homework it is nearly impossible for change to occur.

Positive results come when you invest the time and energy that is needed for change. Learning about yourself and commit to change are part of the coaching program.


Your commitment to change

I am fully committed to helping you achieve your dreams and goals. Change however can only take place if you are equally if not more committed. Self-discovery and increasing confidence can be hard work and will bring up many emotions and struggles.

I will ask tough questions to make you think about your life, habits and behaviors and not every moment will be uplifting. But as the saying goes, don’t shoot the messenger!

I am a professional with over 14 years of client experience who will respect you and your situation. By seeking assistance from me you signed up for honesty from an outside source to help you move forward in life.


Tough questions

I will say the things that your family, friends or colleagues may be afraid to tell you. This honesty is not meant to be hurtful but to make you aware. Where there is the most pain, there is the most possibility for growth, learning and gains in your life.

It may seem hopeless sometimes to figure out what lies at the root of your issues and concerns. I promise you that walking through what seems like a dark tunnel will be worth it in the end.

With me as your guide, I can help you push through the tough moments step by step. If you are however unwilling to do the hard work please contact somebody else.


Your dreams and goals

Even in the most difficult moments it is important to keep your sights on the ultimate goal. Know that I am working to help you get a better life.

As your Expat Nomad Life Coach I want to work with you to make your self-discovery course impactful and positive. It is therefor important when we work together that you trust my skills, abilities and experience.

Reaching out to me, you’ve made the first step to changing your life for the better.


To keep in mind

1. Expat Nomad Life Coaching (ENLC) is set up to help every individual in the most efficient way possible.

2. ENLC has no intake interview, unless specifically requested by the client -sessions begin immediately.

3. ENLC respects the individual process and progress. Session length is flexible and may be anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the client needs. Individual arrangements can be made to suit the clients needs.

4. ENLC recommends that clients permit themselves extra time to allow the information to integrate afterwards.

5. Sessions cancelled by email or phone prior to the appointment will not be charged.


Services included

Your sessions with Expat Nomad Life Coaching are all inclusive of the following services:

• Easy payment – Cash, PayPal, credit card, bank transfers or simply via Transferwise
• Fundamental knowledge combined with life experience
• Same rates for day time, evening and weekend sessions
• Home and office visits
• Phone/Skype and email support
• Discretion assured! – Expat Nomad Life Coaching keeps no records of your sessions


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